Tactical Victory

We are running away from French soldiers. We are only couple of miles ahead. They outnumber us, almost twice as many as us. All the tanks are gone in both sides and air forces of both sides are at least couple of hours away. So, there are only us soldiers and our guns.

At the moment, we are running in a kind of an forest. So, some soldiers with camouflage suits will hide including me in bushes and try to slow down the French soldier. We layed on the ground. We are waiting for them to come, we will shot them with our snipers with scopes open from very far distance in order to not to expose our spot. It is a stressful waiting. Finally, we saw them and we started to shoot and luckily we hit dozens of soldiers. And, because of this, our soldiers gained probably like five minutes. But now they are passing right next to us. I am so nervous, they are looking around to find us but we are so well camouflaged. They probably lost another five minutes from that search and luckily they couldn’t find us. At the same time, captain is talking to us on radio.

   He wants us to do another duty. He said that there is ATV’s 300 meters away from us and wants us to take them and get closer to French soldiers to distract them with the sound so that they can gain couple of minutes again and can safely reach the military warehouse. This duty is literally a big risk for our lives but we don’t have an option to say “no” so we will have to do that. We set off and reached the ATVs in a few minutes. We got on them immediately and now we are getting closer to French soldiers. They heard us so they are coming closer and will try to shoot us when they are close enough. We are retreating from them, if not they will actually have a chance to shoot us. When they realized that we are gone, they were back on their way to catch our soldiers but the duty was successful. The army gained at least 7-8 minutes. 

I informed the captain about this and he said “Nice job, we are about to get to the military warehouse, probably in 15 minutes we are there. You have ATVs, you can come here before the French army by taking a longer route, don’t worry you will easily reach earlier. And also, I have a surprise for you guys in the military warehouse.” We listened to his words and went unseen by taking the longer road. We are getting closer to the military warehouse and French soldiers are not seen so we succeed. There is a very big door in front of the military warehouse and we opened it.

   I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. 3 big tanks  are standing in front of us. They are waiting for the French army. That means our victory in the front. Eventhough we were outnumbered, we made it, we won the war in this front!





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