Take Action Today

Climate change is an environmental challange concerning all countries across the World meaning that the change in the usual world’s weather and climate. This could be the temperature rise in seasons or the precipitation amount in a year.

Consequences of climate change is enormous. Starting from depletion of the ozone layer, climate change can cause rise in sea levels, extinction of various species.

There are some steps including optimizing your diet, avoiding flying and plastic uses, and saving energy that you can do right now on climate change. Also some environmental groups working on reducing our carbon footprint. By donating those foundations, you can also help for a superior World.

Global Footprint Network is one of the biggest organizations working on climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. The organization is founded in 2003, working with over 70 partner organizations including  WWF International, ICLEI, Bank Sarasin, The Pictet Group, the New Economics Foundation, Pronatura México, and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. By donating to the organization on the website, you can make a big change and become a part of this great change. You can also calculate your carbon footprint on the website, with suitable solutions according to your results.

Earth Day Network is another organizations working on various issues including climate change. It is the world’s largest environment movement and the main organization behind the Earth Day. The Earth Day is the day of support for environmental protection celebrated in April 22. The organization also fights against deforestation and poverty, and encourages climate literacy. You can donate today to support the global fight for a safe and sustainable environment for all.

Another thing you can do about climate change is taking an action. You can go out on the street and make your voice heard. Voices from civil  society are getting louder every day. As an example, Fridays for Future became a huge protest so far.

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