The Balance of Happiness In Food

One of the most important things necessary for human beings to live is food. The foods that people like differ from person to person. Some of these foods are harmful, while others are beneficial. This applies not only from a health point of view, but also from a psychological point of view.

At first, we can talk about dessert, that is, chocolate, which is indispensable for most people. We have all heard that chocolate releases the hormone of happiness. Chocolate releases a hormone of happiness, but I think the main reason for this may be that whenever we eat chocolate, we enjoy its taste. For example, let’s say there is someone who hates chocolate (of course, I don’t know if this is possible, but), do you think this person would be happy if we fed him chocolate? No, because this person does not like chocolate, and when he eats it, he may even feel uncomfortable because of the taste in his mouth. Then we can deduce from this that we are happy when we eat the things we like, but if we eat something we don’t like, it can make us uncomfortable.

Secondly, is everything that makes us happy healthy or do we become energetic because we are happy? Of course, no. I think we are somehow paying the price for unhealthy foods that make us happy. For example, when you eat a heavy dessert or a hamburger, you feel happy, but a weight also falls on you. You feel tired, you don’t want to do anything. We must remember that every food that makes us happy does not give us energy. Yes, you may have felt happy at that moment, but then you are also prone to depression with that fatigue on you. When we compare a person who constantly eats healthily with a person who constantly eats unhealthily, we can also see that a person who eats healthily is less likely to be depressed. When you constantly eat unhealthily, problems such as health problems, acne problems, and depression can occur. Of course, not every person who eats healthy can be happy. Perhaps the reason for his healthy diet may be due to the perception of beauty imposed on people or social pressure. What I want to talk about is that when you eat healthy for yourself, the quality of your life will increase. Of course, I’m not saying don’t eat harmful things at all, our body also needs it, but it’s important that you find the balance between Decency.

In short, the things that you think make you happy may not always be the things that actually do you good. You feel happy at that moment, or you don’t realize it, but your body is aware of it. Think not only about that moment, but also about the time to come, so that what happened will happen to you again.

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