The predictions that people living in the past present when imagining the future continue to be correct one by one. Because the concept we call technology continues to develop every minute. Many things are updated thanks to technology and completely different things can emerge. One of the best examples of this is “communication”.

In today’s technology, the concept of communication has now begun to become completely abstract. From where we sit, we can reach people who are miles away from us. We should not only think about the invention of the telephone. Technology has evolved so much that some things are no longer as simple as the other party listening to us with a box-sized device while we are talking. Things like the fact that the articles we write reach the hands of the other party within seconds, we don’t need to be face to face to communicate with someone, e-mail and different social media applications have taken place in our lives. In fact, this is a situation that makes our work much easier in daily life. But there is also a side of this incident that people do not see. We are addicted to it. We think that communication is only to reach the other party and the other party to reach us. But isn’t what we call communication also related to how we deliver it? I think we need to realize how big a danger these technological tools we use for communication are dragging us into danger.

Global village is a concept introduced by McLuhan in 1962. This concept, which he talks about in his book Gutenberg Galaxy, tells us that technological developments will become a village where every part of the world can easily reach each other. With this in mind, I can clearly prove that people in the past had some thoughts about what future communication would be like. I can also prove that it is a very true, appropriate and timely word. How? You can read what I wrote from where you are sitting right now. This shows how communication is done with technological tools and that we are really creating a small village like the concept McLuhan said. But it is a fact that what we call a village is just a computer. I would rather live in the desert than live in the global village because the desert is a real place, a concrete place. A place where there can be the right tools to transfer communication.

How to establish communication in the most accurate way, the accuracy of which tools to use varies from person to person. What environment we are in and what tool we use is as important as the message itself. As Marshall McLuhan said: “The medium is the message.”

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