The Right House

For years, I was saving up to buy myself a house. I was living in my parents house because of a few reasons. One reason was that I was too scared to live alone, and the second was because I didnt really have the money to buy a nice house. But five years ago, after I got a really good offer from a really good company. I started to work really hard. When I first joined the job my only wish was to earn money so I could help my parents. But after time passed, I started to look for some houses on the internet. Unfortunately I was not pleased with the houses on the internet. One year ago, a really close friend of mine called me. We were just talking about what we were doing at that moment and she told me that she was trying to sell a house. Because I was looking at houses for sale I asked her about the house that she was trying to sell. She showed me a few pictures of the house and the house was really pretty. I asked her if I could come that weekend and check her house to see if its suitable for me. She was totally fine with me coming over so that weekend I went to her house. The second I stepped in the house I loved it. It felt like this was my home. It had a great garden and a beautiful view of the sea. The view was so pretty, there were other houses next to the house which had beautiful gardens. It was evening when I was there, so the sun was about to set. The golden hour was so beautiful with the sea. After that day I asked my friend the sale price. She told me the price and that was just the amound that I had for a house. We made a deal and I bought the house. Right now I have a beautiful house with an amazing view.

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