Thought There Was Someone There

You know the times that you think you saw something, but you didn’t, you thought you heard something, but you didn’t. It happens to everyone. Some may say it is, in fact nothing. It happens in your mind. You can say your mind is playing games. But is it always your mind playing games?

It was summer, a delightful day. Everyone was outside having fun, living their lives. My friend and I also had some plans for the evening. We were going to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant and then we were going to the beach.

We met, we ate our diner then we went to the beach as planned. Everything was great, the day was going amazing and everything according to plan. Once we were at the beach, we set some chairs and stuff. Then we started relaxing, talking, having fun. But then I saw or thought that I saw someone just behind the bushes. I sent one of my friends to check it out. She said there was nothing there so nothing to worry about.

After a week or so we went to a park to eat lunch there. We did picnics a lot. So, it was normal for all of us.

Once again, I felt like there was someone behind the tree that was in front of us. Again, I sent one of my friends to check it out. And nothing.

It went like this for a month until I decided not to focus on these kinds of things since we had only a month to hang out while it was still summer. And we had most of the birthdays in the end of the summer, so we had to plan something about them as well.

It was a raining day, we were staying at home and doing our homework’s. Half of them was done, the easiest ones were left. And then I felt someone staring at me from the kitchen. I was terrified to look toward the kitchen. So, I didn’t. After a while I thought it just was not in my mind. What if there was really someone there?

After a while I said to myself ‘’If there is really someone it is kind of bad and if I don’t look it might end in a worse way. Right?’’. And finally got the courage to turn around. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. There was no one there, just like the beach and the park and so many places I cannot name. I was just believing there was someone. I better stop doing that, scaring myself for no reason.

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