Vertigo Movie Review

According to a poll made in 2018 by the British film magazine Sight and Sound, “Vertigo” was voted the greatest film ever made by a group of film critics. Vertigo (1958) is a thriller movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is one of the most significant movies of Hitchcock since it represented his obsession over controlling women in his life.

Vertigo, tells us the complicated story of a detective falling in love with a woman while struggling with his demons. The movie takes place in San Francisco and has a little complexed plot. I believe Kim Novak was the perfect fit for her role and James Steward’s take on his role helped me feel sympathy for the character at some point. On the other hand, John Ferguson’s (James Steward) obsession with controlling Kim Novak’s character was very disturbing for me. Only the camera work and the lighting makes the movie worth watching. The movie contains some plot twists that I didn’t see coming while watching the movie for the first time. 

Even though it is an old and remotely complex movie, I believe that it is worth watching at least once. Especially if you don’t get bored watching old movies or want a career in the film industry. 

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