World Without Technology

Can you imagine a life without technology? If you cannot think, think first people on the Earth how they lived? Now you can understand we can live without technology. Technology makes our lives easier.  In ancient times, people could be pregnant without technology but with technology, it became easier for us to do these actions. I mean it is possible to live without technology. Some people can say “How can we spent time there is not computer games off I am so bored”. But actually you can build castle from mud or something else or you can play with snow or you can play street games with your friends or your familiy.

Most of the people do not know how to look at things positively. People who look at things positively develop their brains and imagination, for example, I have listed many things that can be done for fun even without technology. I always look at the events in my life from the positive side and I recommend this to you, that’s all from me.

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