Yellow Bus

There are always going to be moments where you will feel there is no escape and you feel like you are obligated to certain things. This was one of those moments.
It all started when we were going on a school trip. Everybody was so excited because it was near the end of the term and everyone was so over the school and needed to take a break for a while. It was unordinary morning. The students were messing around with each other although they had to be in a line in the backyard thus teachers were angry with them.
After some time finally, all high school students were placed to the school buses. Every class had their own bus. The place we were going was outside the city and the road trip was expected to last a while.
Quite some time passed yet we hadn’t realized how it went because we were having so good time on the road. All of a sudden our radio started sizzling. We thought it was normal, we were not in the city anymore, things like this are considered pretty normal in motorways. Besides the weather was getting worse and worse. So we closed the radio and continued on speaking silly things.
Soon weather was showing its hatred. Even though we were alright with the situation it quickly became terrifying. The driver finally thought we should stop until the weather calms down a bit. We all waited for him to stop but he didn’t. Our consultant asked the bus driver what was going on and his reply was appalling. Neither brakes were working nor he could turn the steering wheel. Of course, we were trying to calm each other out but soon everyone was far from calm. If it was a normal road new wouldn’t panic that much but the road was one of those you climb up the mountain and it was not wide at all.
We heard a huge creaking. Something felt extremely wrong, it felt like we were on a seesaw (which we were in some way). Everyone realized what was going on however no one had the guts to say a word. Our consultant tried to call someone but as you can expect there was no signal. We were all silent and no one moved an inch.
We sat there, the rain was nowhere near to stop.”Even” boys were about to cry. It is physics, we were too heavy to escape from here. Someone had to go. The only sound we could hear was the heavy rain and leaves blown by the wind.
That time I slowly started getting up, before anyone could say anything I moved to the front. I had one goal and that was saving them so before I jumped from that steep shoulder filled with small plant thorns I said to them that I was sorry and I had to do this.

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