2022 Is Now…

As you all know, 2021 did not go well for any of us, still on going economic crises, fires, natural disasters covid-19. Masks worn all year, disruptions in education, each of us tried to overcome these difficult days in some way. Now we have exactly 12 days to enter 2022. We came here under difficult conditions, with happiness, sadness or excitement. What am I most surprised about now in 2022? If there was a fair education system, if there was a fair legal system, if there was a fair economic system, if animals were treated fairly, if people were treated fairly, if the world was a fair place in 2022, it would be really unexpected.unfortunately, these are true.

So what would I like to happen in 2022?

I would like people not to be judged on the basis of their skin color, physical characteristics, economic status, family status. and we must not forget that animals we are not treated badly because, we cannot talk to them they have hearts they have feelings too and let them not be polluted as if the sky is not ours, the seas are not our the  oceans are not our the trees are not our land we are the ones who will live here why should we turn a blind eye to everything else like these? Why do we let our world slip out of our hands like we do I so would like to leave it all behind in 2021.In 2022, I want people not to be unemployed, people not to be unhappy, people not to pollute the environment, people to be compassionate, people to be human.


Don’t you think we need to open our eyes now?An Equal World is a Better World - Don't Leave Anyone Behind - Girls' Globe


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