a Cloud-full Community

We take tons of photos every day. With the photos, we collect our memories and hope never to delete them. Then that day comes. Your phone storage is full. What will you do? Will you delete them or delete an important app that you use in your daily and business life. This is just an example of storage difficulties. It is also happening with texts on WhatsApp and as an emotional person I never liked to delete messages. Cloud services are exactly the solution for this. They offer you a space which is stored online which is not a physical hard disk and a backup feature to keep all your messages memories and privacies.  

Talking about privacies and cloud services, we said it is not a physical storage. So where is this storage and who can access it? It depends which cloud service you use. If you are using google cloud service (Google Photos, Google Drive…) The photos or your special, private documents will be stored at the main google offices web which is supported by a powerful internet. 

Approximately two years ago, a new popped up while I was scrolling through twitter. A celebrity’s cloud got hacked up and all his photos’ documents WhatsApp conversations got leaked through all the internet. The lesson taken from this accident is to never trust a cloud service 100%. But the question coming to our minds, will it be trustable when the technology is developed enough? As a person who is struggling with phone storage, in my humble opinion, cloud services are usable now and they will be more and more popular through following years. Because you can reach the needed photo, file, document or photo where ever you want and that’s a wonderful thing to have.  

I really look forward to see the cloud service usage all over the world. Already a lot of my friends use it in daily life like me. To achieve the idea, a cloud-full community! 

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