Good and bad are very powerful and opposing concepts in our lives. So are they opposites, or are they have some relations? Is everything that is not good bad? Or everything that is not bad is good? If it were, it would be much easier to decide. There would have been a limit, a list of good and evil so we could easily choose the best options. But good and bad are relative concepts. It can be good or bad depending on who or what you judge it.

  When we think like this, we can see that there is no absolute good and absolute evil. Frankly, I do not believe that the concept of good and evil are clear terms. Because in every evil thought, there are good thoughts. In every good one, there are bad ones. If we compare this with human nature, good or evil cannot be found in human nature by themselves. Human nature is self-centered. There can be objects or maybe persons that are very important to us, and because of our nature and survival instincts, we are all inclined to do what is beneficial for us and our priorities. 

  Good and evil cannot be found together in human nature by themselves but they are found together. And this is the reason why it creates a discrepancy. For any human being, life aims to attempt to understand and define the meaning of “good and bad” according to their value and judgments. They make their own choices according to these judgments.

  Other opposite concepts found in human nature are compassion and violence. A person can also be a very compassionate and violent person all in one. Or he can be selfish and thoughtful at the same time. Honestly, I think it’s all based on one’s benefits.

  Yin yang nedir? Yin yang felsefesi hakkında bilgilerI want to reconcile this subject with Yin Yang, then you will see why they are similar to each other when I say its basic principles.

  According to the Yin Yang’s basic principles:

  • each pole is opposite the other,
  • the poles are interdependent and they can transform into each other, 
  • the opposites of the poles necessarily contain each other.

   So I cannot say “man is evil by nature” or “man is good by nature.” but I can easily say that “man has survival instincts by nature.” and they move and make decisions according to these instincts. Because of these instincts, I can say that we are similar to animals. So I believe that we are not superior to nature as human beings. In addition, we are all connected to nature as living creatures. 



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