Black and white conceptual image.Man is running out of the tunnel into the light. Motion blur. He is determined to get out of darkness into the light. There is hope and determination.


He thought the damn people wouldn’t stop banging on the door, and he realized he was going to die if he didn’t act. He had to act fast while he still had a chance, or a painful death awaiting him was inevitable. He did the best thing he’s ever done, started running. If there’s one positive thing about everything that’s happening right now, it’s that the good runners won’t get caught. The dead were idiots and moving slowly. Very few could still speak and perceive things. As long as you don’t break your foot by chance, you can run away from bites. I mean, at least in most cases.

First of all, he had to go upstairs, which was easy to do because he lived in an old-build apartment. He climbed the fence through the first floor window and went into the second floor window. It wasn’t very simple, but he almost memorized it because four people had crossed this route before, and the protrusions were pretty deep. The sick were still on the first floor, they could walk comfortably as it took them a long time to even open a simple door. He left the house on the second floor, the floor was empty. He went up the fire escape and went downstairs. He was going to walk out the back door like his father did, and if he was lucky, nothing would happen, and if anyone noticed him, he could get to the rendezvous point with a little run. He quickly reassessed the plan and, after snapping his knuckles, jumped several times. He didn’t want to take any chances, so if he had to run, any setbacks would have cost him his life. He opened the door without further scaring himself. He wasn’t too happy with what he saw, a few faces covered in blood staring directly at him. After a brief shock, he regained consciousness and started running. As he predicted, these infected people who had been sun-drenked were as strong as a 70-year-old man. In addition, although he had not yet come to his continent, vaccine studies had begun and resulted in success. It wasn’t a catastrophe that would end the human lineage, as many feared. In some areas, it had even become that way, people were playing games with these transformed people, distracting and killing them. Because they were so slow anyway, especially the youngsters came out and saw it as a sport and came back. But their bodies could cause really dangerous situations for people who weren’t athletic. The government’s current goal was to stop this epidemic with minimal casualties. Rich countries had already been purged, but in poor countries, the danger remained. The drug, which had just begun to be produced, was quite expensive, even if it was completely useful. So not being bitten was very important in most scenarios, no one wanted to turn into pain. The disaster, which began with a classic laboratory story, was completely harmless at first, and then it started to affect people. In fact, the pathogen was very weak, no one could understand why it caused it. What was known about the pathogen was that the “water bears” sent to Mars were different when they came back. After this outbreak, some people were going to give big explanation , but it was more important to save people right now.

He kept running. About sixty seconds later, he saw the red flag. The job was easy, he could have gone back to the safe zone soon. He would then go to the airport with his family waiting for him, and the last two passenger planes waiting to take off . A ladder was also prepared for him. Last 100 meters, last 50 meters, last 20 meters. There he was, climbing the stairs. There were so many bodies around, they cleaned this place up for a comfortable passage. His father waved to him, relieved that the stress on him had subsided. One of the bodies moved, his father pointed at him. Don’t worry, he yelled, “Keep running.” Infected bit his wrist with a momentary panic. He screamed, he was in pain. The last thing he saw was his father running towards him, then he heard a bullet. One thing after another… He realized he was at the airport when he came to himself. His wrist is covered in bandages, also they gave him little bit of medicine. He put his head on the plane pillow.

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