Back To Past

Have you ever thought of traveling in time? If your answer is yes, your dreams are going to come true with me. Firstly, I would like to ask you to decide whether you want to go to the future or the past. While you are thinking, I would like to tell you more about traveling in time.                                                                                                         As you can guess, traveling in time became an appealing idea in the 80s and after that time, many movies and stories are created about traveling in time. In addition, scientists are started to work on traveling in time, and in near future, they believe that they are going to find it.                                                                                                          Back To The Future flying DeLorean Time Machine | Back to the future, Back to the future party, The future movie



In my opinion; If I could travel in time, I would like to travel to the past because I always wondered about how people lived in the past. I want to learn about countries in the past and ı want to know about their culture. Actually, I would like to see America in the past. I want to walk in Times Square. I would like to see the studios of tv series which are famous and ı would like to do many other things.                                                                          The Times Square, It Is A-Changin': A Look At The History of Times Square




In addition, I would like to change the past. I would like to prevent the wars in the past and I won’t let the soldiers and civil people die. I will help the poor countries to develop their living standards. I  will also bring my technological devices from now to the past and I will develop the technology that we use today. I will prevent the suicides of celebrities and ı would make them live.                                                                                                            World War One | Die Nacht der lebenden Texte



In conclusion, I believe that our world is unique for itself and we have to protect it. We have to take lessons from our past and we have to apply those rules for a better life…

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