Could Isolation be Good?

As time passes, technology advances and life gets easier. And even though with time the community around us is increasing, most of us are isolating ourselves. More and more people are becoming less social and keeping to themselves or a small group without interacting with others. In most arguments, this is a bad effect of technology advancing because, obviously, people are interacting less. But is this really a bad thing? Yes! Yes, it, of course, is a negative thing, people are talking less, becoming antisocial, and more introverted in general causing them to lose social skills which is in no way beneficial. But what I am saying here is that losing social skills is not beneficial, there are obviously some positive sides to people becoming more isolated and keeping to themselves as all things usually have some good sides to them. And as someone who is one of these people who started to lose social skills because of these exact reasons I think I can make a relatively good comparison on the good and bad sides of it.

First of all, we have the bad sides that everyone is always on about. As I have said above, people talk less, and society somewhat weakens because everyone is always keeping to themselves. With this it is harder for those people to make friends or get their voice heard in public when they really need to say something important. Also with less interaction with others, people can slowly start losing a bit of sanity since talking with others helps you stay as a normal, functioning human being.


Although with everything I have said above, it does not mean that there are not any good sides to being isolated. Again, as someone who is personally more isolated from others, I can say that it helps you enjoy the things you enjoy more because there usually aren’t anyone to judge you. Other than that, you can be yourself better with no social pressure and do the things you like. When thinking on a bigger scale, it most likely helps the environment since less people going out and making the environment polluted via cars.


So, in conclusion, I would say people starting to become more isolated is generally a bad thing because of the reasons I have stated above but again, it has some positive sides to which are mostly about the person who is becoming isolated rather than a more general meaning.

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