Deductions On Façade

There is an uncountable amount of information that is translated and re-presented in our minds when anything, or in this case, anyone appears and begins to be a part of our surroundings. The first thing we all have to collectively do is simple. Even as simple and easy as breathing. Firstly, we see them, we examine them, we judge them, we weigh our judges, and move on with the ones we see plausible. Now we have ourselves a questionable judgment that will either stay the way it is and possibly eliminate future chances with the subject or change and reshape if it gets pursued further. But the question remains: What is it that we all seem to have collectively which has the ability to shape our judgments directed towards people? Is it appearance? Or is it some kind of energy? Is it more about ‘’us’’ rather than the subjects themselves?

We all know how appearing a certain way affects our lives one way or another. The easiest thing people can catch up on is the way someone looks. That’s where details are more apparent and that seemingly makes it possible for us to initiate a small game of acting like Sherlock. All kinds of judgments are made in seconds but the most striking ones nowadays stem from the term ‘’ attraction’’. Attraction is the main thing that fuels our actions towards people and basically where attraction comes from is ‘’beauty standards’’. Standards of beauty have always been in a cycle of change and transformation and it is impossible for it to stop being that way. We are people of changing interests and our choices have to flow and slowly become something completely different for the world to spin and keep us in check. Good riddance it never lets us get too arrogant.

The main issue is that now beauty standards are way more pronounced than they ever were because of the constant connection we seem to have with all of the world. Every second we are exposed to opinions of others which have been formed following being exposed to others and so on. Just whatever gets entangled in ‘’the flow’’ ends up in our ‘’for you page’’ then consequently our minds and judgments. But can that really estrange us from finding what is really attractive for us?

The answer is yes, dependently. Hopefully, it depends on how well you know yourself. Or how well the media has deceived you.

Media will always be an organ of decision when it comes to material things. In the end, the conclusion that we will all come to is that what is seemingly the best materially is rarely what’s best for a person. Media will always remain a false road sign and we people should know that there’s more to see in the opposite direction.

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