Don’t Want To Be In Anyone’s Place

One should not have to worry about being like anyone else. If you realize that you are not like everyone else, you should be happy about it. Few people nowadays are not like everyone else, not being like everyone else is being yourself. Many people are not happy, but they can fake laugh, I can’t. Being myself is the rarest reward I can give myself in my entire life, true happiness lies in being yourself. I don’t have to look like anyone and imitate anyone.

Confident selves have a distinctive stance and maintain their personality. That’s what it’s all about. I like to be myself, I also like those who are not pretentious, who are themselves. I love people who do not act with a herd mentality, who are aware, honest and conscientious. I can’t be like everyone else, nor can everyone be like me. I like to read what I know, I am at peace with everyone who appeals to me, I love myself. People don’t have to look alike, each person’s stance and expectations are different from each other. In the midst of all this carelessness, rudeness, lies and deception, I have sometimes thought that if I were like the majority, I would join the flock and live, and then I said I am glad I am different, otherwise it would not be possible to talk about me. Each person is a world unto himself. Every person is a unique being. Everyone should be accepted with their differences. Man is only himself.

Comparing it to others is meaningless, it has a unique stance, just like a fingerprint. That’s why everyone is special in themselves. The important thing is for people to know that they need to know and develop themselves first, and the effort given to someone else without knowing themselves is a waste. I can’t be like everyone else, nor can everyone be like me. There is no need to be like someone else, there is no need to emulate others, there is no need to be like others. I am unique. Some are persistently trying to resemble each other, and that’s the strangest thing. When he didn’t show disrespect, they thought he was stupid, when he didn’t show disrespect, they thought he was a coward. When they were not selfish, they thought they were losers. Sometimes I wanted so much to be able to do it, but the fabric does not go to those models, it looks makeshift, it bursts in your hand, we don’t have it in our yeast. When I see what some people are doing, I say it’s good that I am like this and I am proud of myself.

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