Dream Holiday

In the last weeks of the school, everyone in the class was talking about their summer plans, and I started to tell with a momentary enthusiasm.

  • My first plan is to take care of myself as much as possible in June and start a hard sport.
    In the same way, I will try to close the gap with some of my friends at my old school in June
    really missed them so much. Also i will study hard for my next year school life.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • In July, holiday bells start ringing for me. Me and my sister will go on a vaccation in Bodrum. It will take two weeks for us to return to Ankara.After our vaccation i will restart my fitness immediately and also i will meet up with my friends. Before the end of june we will prepare a party with some of the friends from the other school it will be awsome that we will watch a match of Fenerbahçe against Galatasaray. After that we will have some drink and watch a movie that we all like,with some chips and kind of stuff. Finally We will hire a DJ and probably we can’t stand up that late so we will faint.                                                                                                                                            
  • Then the best time of the holliday is that august i will go to Antalya with my family and at the same time my friend from my new school named Efe is also coming to Antalya with his family. Also we will stay at the same hotel that is my fathers friend owns. We will stay like a month here and we will slide down the aqua park slides and play table tenis ,watch theathers and some other kind of stuff. Off course i will also stay with my family to. We will swim ,eat together. This routine will repeat for a month and after that i will go back to the school and wait for another wonderfull summer holiday.



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