When I wake up in the morning, I usually look at the clock and go to work. But when I woke up this morning, I didn’t want to do anything. I was doing the same thing every day. I remember thinking I was so normal and getting upset. My life couldn’t be this stagnant. I talked to someone at work and got permission. There were many boxes in the house, but they were all empty. Inside these boxes are similar to the photos; I wonder if there was something I could recall my memories of?

I was going to spend the day just searching for myself. Because when I woke up, I had strange feelings about myself. So I went to the train station to go to the place where I was partying with my friends. People were looking at me all the time, I guess they knew too that I was feeling weird about myself.

Since most of my friends’ schools are out of town, I can usually see them on the weekends, so I thought maybe I wouldn’t feel awkward about myself anymore, by going to the place where we were partying. I got in the very front car of the train because the view was best seen from here. Along the way, I started to wonder if my life would be this boring if I lived in another universe. Maybe the thing that would add color to my life was a person. Maybe there was such a person, but I couldn’t remember…

When I got off the train, a woman with a strange accent, dressed in a black jacket and boots, was coming up to me. When she came to me, I didn’t understand most of what she said because there was so much on my mind. The woman realized that I didn’t care and was walking away from me. I noticed the woman and shouted “hey”. The woman turned to me and  I apologized for not being able to listen. As if I knew this woman, I offered coffee from the thermos in my bag. She started drinking it happily. Since it was very cold in February, I took a thermos with me. When I asked her where she was going, she told me where my friends’ house was. I said. The woman laughed and offered to walk together. I felt happy while walking, but I did not know why I felt happy. The woman said that she knew me from somewhere. She might have sawed me somewhere because she was friends with my friends. I was very surprised because I was going there too. Since I didn’t know the woman’s name, I didn’t know how to call. I wanted to ask her name and find out. But the woman asked my name, so I said my name. I was so shy that I couldn’t ask the woman’s name. She understood my shyness and said her name, and I was laughing at her name. Her name was Heather.

I did not expect to meet such a talkative and active person as Heather. It was so active that I felt old. Heather said that her happiest and funniest years were in high school. I felt bad at that moment because it was the opposite for me. My high school years were really tough. I was working all the time because of family pressure, people were making fun of me. But I had good times too. Honestly, I couldn’t remember most of my memories in high school. When she told me about her high school, I was surprised because we were in the same high school! While trying to remember Heather in high school, I thought of her last name and said “Heather Dean”. Heather looked at me with a smile and said that she remembered me too. I said to myself, I didn’t know that Heather had such a beautiful smile. I remembered that Heather was also bullied in high school.

“I wish I could remember something about high school,” I said. She also took out all the high school photos from his bag.  While I was looking at the photos, I found the photo of my own class. I realized that Heather was also in the class photos. I noticed that Heather was always by my side in the photos and I remembered that Heather and I were very good friends. I guess in high school I liked her. I talked to Heather all day and recounted her memories of high school and most of it was trying to recall my memory. I was really happy because Heather was really colorful and showed that high school life wasn’t that bad…

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