Forbidden Area

Today the story that I’m going to tell you is not about me. It’s about my grandmother’s sister and how she ended up being dead.  I can’t say that its happy ended but It’s my favorite story to tell and don’t we all love to listen to other people’s stories full of adventure?

It all started at 1774. My grandmother’s sister was a princess that lived in a castle that you read in the books or seen in the movies. Yes, she was a truly princess on the outside with that pretty long fluffy dress, the crown and the perfect hair with matching make up but on the inside she was just a naughty little girl. That is what my grandmother used to tell us. Anyways one day there was going to be a ball but different and important than the others which is made up just for her. I can hear that you are asking why? Because there will be lots of respectable man for her to choose to marry. And as you can tell she did not want to get married with a man that she dislikes. As like most of the girls she want to get married with her true love. So she made up a plan in her head and decided not to go to the ball. Rather than the ball going on an old abandoned mention or a mental hospital with her friend was a better idea.

First she told her sister, My grandmother was convinced easily because she also founds it ridiculous too. After her she informed her friends they decided to go to the mental hospital. The catch is it was closed for some reason and nobody knows it. Except the doctors and the nurses that worked there. So she grabbed a special key that can open all the doors. They left the castle from the back door and walked several minutes to reach there. When they did she opened the door with the special key and it did actually worked. They opened their flash light and get in. The place was old and dusty and smelly. They were all with their long dresses because they couldn’t get the chance to chance them. So they hold it a little bit up from the floor. There was this long corridor with a door at the end of that say ‘no entrance’. She opened the door get in and trapped to something and fall. Suddenly all her friends gathered in front of the door and shined their lights on her. She was covered on blood and lying on dead peoples burned bodies. Now they all know why the hospital was closed. They burned the patients who has Black Death in here. They also know that now she has it to.

She told them to go with the tears that falling on her cheeks. They all left because they don’t want to catch it too. But her sister stayed. She begged her to leave to and told her to say that she is sorry and she loves both her parents. Finally, she lefts. On her way to the castle  she tried to figure out how she was going to tell her parents. Said one way or another.

After this the hospital burned down with the corps of the dead people and her sister. Since that they I never tried to get into places that says no entrance. You will never know what you will face with.

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