Global Population

Because life standards are better these days, the population increased more than expected and keeps increasing. Governments are not very happy with that condition and trying to stop that. For example, China implements one-child policy. But why? Because overpopulation could be more dangerous than you thought. It has effects such as global warming, lack of clean water, unemployment etc. And these effects can easily kill us.

Water equals life. We can not survive without it. But roughly 1% of the world’s water is fresh and accessible. And more people means more need for water. We need to share our already scarce water with more people day by day. Even some people can not reach the water. If it continues like this, our end is near.

Another negative effect of overpopulation is that it accelerates global warming. Global warming is already a terrible situation, its acceleration would be a disaster. It is a very harmful situation for animals, plants and even every living thing on earth. Because this endangers the natural habitat.

Overpopulation also rises unemployment. When there are more people, the number of existing jobs will start to become less. And now that we are in the age of technology, most jobs that used to exist no longer exist because artificial intelligence is now doing these jobs. In other words, as the population increases and job opportunities decrease, many individuals become unemployed, cannot take money home, live in misery.

In conclusion, population growth is not a good thing for us. Our future is at stake. Moreover, it is harmful not only to ourselves but also to all living things with whom we share this world. While it is a bad situation to harm ourselves in this way, it is also truly evil to harm our neighbors living around us, the tons of creatures we share the same world with, against their will. We definitely need to do something to stop this situation. Otherwise, we will die of thirst, misery and many other reasons. And we will take with us all living things around us.

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