Honouring Respect

Today not different from any other, I would like to share my views upon a rather delicate matter. Respect what a word! Lately, the word I have heard most frequently. While I am watching a movie, reading a comment, doing homework, standing for something, talking with people, discussing with people, trying to explain myself to people I come across those 6 letters which frustrate me, sometimes rightfully sometimes unnecessarily.

Respect is something that I have learnt in my family. They taught me how to be respectful as they treated and were treated. It was not that they were bad people, the idea of being called disrespectful was powerful enough not to act for their virtues only and only. Overlooking the individuality has not done any good either.

When I started elementary school we had to raise our hands to speak to respect each other which is reasonable. On the other hand, when we said what we think to express ourselves, suddenly we were disrespectful, rude and selfish. To be honest, I was utterly shocked and confused as a 7-year-old. “ I raised my hand, did not use any bad words, and did not shout. What on earth for my family was inadequate to raise me!”, I thought. Of course, they did not tell it to my face, they just called me wicked. The rest is my exaggeration.

Later in my teenage years, there appeared another problem concerning me. People who were asking me to act respectfully treated me with no care at all. Not being respectful is one thing but demanding respect and not giving any in return is a further depression of character. 

As a saying goes, respect is earned not given. And it is the same for every situation. I can not make any sense of respecting people because of their job, status or rank. I believe people are that much diffident they use other people to boost their confidence. That is why it is so annoying that respect has lost its meaning even though we need it desperately.


Respect is subjective, we can not say what is respectful and what is not with certainty. And that is why we first must respect each other’s ideas. Ideas are what we are and will always have. Respect is to make our lives easier not the other way around. Respect is more valuable than our pity interests. Respect is a bond.

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