How A Dream Team Has To Be?

Did u watch Wolf of Wallstreet.You just know the most popular scenes in it “sell me this pen” phrase.Now if ı be an employer and they gave me to choose my own team ı would probably use this method.Just simply ask to the guy in front of me “now ı want you to sell me this pen”.Because ı need the not average ones.There is a 1% that called the ones who don’t have any excuses.
There has to be;group to inform us about passive and active incomes,a group about just normal bussines stuff and a group for paper work.It’s not 9-5 job But there are some paper work.
These guys have to be especailly dedicated,courage,ambitious,with goals and want to get succesful.If one of them have no goal he cant be succesful.We need people hunger to be succesul.A vision is important too.If they can’t see the big picture thats a problem.
Td Jakes said”It takes courage to be successful Misery will always have company Success breeds contempt If you don’t want to make waves be mediocre. Be normal and fit in.It is far easier not to be successful ,It takes courage to be different It takes courage to be exceptional”.Thats whats a perfect team sounds like.

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