Letter From God

Have you ever felt like you did not belong to this life or the world you live in? That feeling was beyond that,


because my mother actually did not belonged to this world. In the late 3489’s, Planet Earth has been destroyed by creatures whom came from Pluto. Turns out they were trying to contact with Earthians about the theory of X planet, they had found some reliable evidences and even proved it by making a simulation of it on their quantum computers, however, when they actually contacted Earthians, their politicians made such unbelievable mistakes like stealing the data from Plutoniumans (men from Pluto) to present it to the government of Titan (the moon of Saturn).

Plutoniumans  were present at that intergalactical presentation so they saw everything and did not realized that Earhthians were presenting their theory, by that time it has not been confirmed as a real rule on that issue, yet they thought that Earthians were trying to introduce that for them so that the courts reactions could be estimated before publishing a legal document. Nevertheless, Earthians were greedy and they wanted something more

which caused the biggest war on the entire Solar System. Us, Saturnians were with Plutoniumans because what Earthians did was not legal and they were trying to steal an important discovery from a planet which they always have underestimated and tried to bring down. In our little moon Titan, everybody hated the Earthians and it was strictly forbidden for us to talk to an Earthians. If we would seen talking to an Eartians, there were some punishments that we had to face with depending on the crime and the intimacy between one another.

This war was way before I was born however, it still continues until this day. Now this may sound a little weird but I am glad that we exploded the Earth. Unless we did such a horrible thing, my mom and dad would never have met. Back in the days when Earth was gone, some of the Earthians managed to escape and run away from there to other planets or moons. It was illegal for them to do it but they wanted to live so bad that they disguised.

My mom was one of the refugees and she lived a hidden and unhealthy life. Stealing from local shops and running away from them was not something easy but one day she hit my dad. He was young and he really was devoted to the laws and his governments. When he saw her eyes, he understood that she was living a hard time right now. He said “I will let you go this time, and make sure that you go back to your healthy life but as soon as you get the strength, you have to leave or I will hand you in.”. With that being said, my dad took care of my mom and eventually fell in love with her. Felt like being captured, falling for him was not an option for my mom, she tried to run away from him 3 times and every time she ran away, my dad found him. The last time he caught her, he received a noted from God he says.

Their happily marriage did not last for a long time. When government realized that my dad was in a relationship with an Earthian, they sent some soldiers to kill us. My mom noticed them and warned us but it was too late for her. We managed to escape but my dad did not wanted to leave mom alone. After midnight, he broke in and grabbed her with me to escape to Earth. She is now in a grave in Earth with that note. “If you are willing to give another chance to her, you are fooling yourself again.”

The note was right about mom, she escaped again.

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