Life, the experience of being alive… The only thing that is common among all ours, is that they are all very unique and different from each other. We interpret things differently, react differently, have different mindsets, and so on… Even if we were to experience the same exact things throughout our lives at the same time as everyone else we would all be different and have different perspectives from each other.

It’s sometimes weird to think that a stranger you pass by in the street has been living and experiencing life just as you are. But when it’s you yourself since you were the one experiencing and keeping the memory it seems logical. To you, they are just a stranger nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps you are a stranger to them as well. But to a person who had or has been actively involved in their lives, they might be a whole lot more important than that.

As human beings, we have this unstoppable urge to judge and evaluate people with even the smallest information we are given about them. However, the way people judge and evaluate each other are all unique to themselves. Mostly driven by what they lack themselves. There could be countless amount of conclusions that people come to with the same information given to each.

What differentiates these opinions from each other though? Why do people focus on different things and come to their own conclusions? What’s the reason for these people to do so though? Life. Experiences. That’s what.

You can never know for a fact how much of an impact you might have in one’s life. You can’t hold the memories and feelings they felt when they were with you. Because the feelings that surfaced at that moment were impacted by memories of the past. The feelings they might feel or the thoughts are not an accurate representation of you because it’s filtered through another person’s life experiences.

Life is yours to experience and develop opinions about. You are the center of everything that is around you. Your perspective might be limited towards other people, but you are the only person who can come to correct conclusions about yourself. This logic applies to everyone around you as well. It’s almost impossible for you to take into consideration every experience they’ve been through that affected the way they are now.

In life one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to let other people’s opinions about you get in the way of your journey to discover yourself. Unfortunately, there will always be these kinds of people in life. Just know that you are the only person you can trust when it comes to your worth and identity.

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