Like In Technology, Should “Clear History” Be Applied on Human Mind Too?

So, as to start of with the text, we all know that we can clear our “TOP SECRET” search history on Google, Youtube, etc. So now, imagine that you delete your whole history, by just one click. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Umm, hold on a second, or is that just a really bad idea? Just think about all your experiences… They all disappear in a second. Now that’s the point where things get complicated. So, for an example you had this experience on an exam. You decided to cheat on that exam, where you got caught. So that’s a good example of an experience. Now think of a hacker that texted you a while ago. Well, you didn’t know that person was a hacker so you just went on, continuing to talk and text with that unknown person. Then you find out that that person was actually a hacker who was trying to hack all your information on your device. And that’s an experience. So all these important, lesson teaching experiences will be gone. That’s the bad part.

Well, let’s take a look at it from the bright side. So, now you had this experience where your best friend shames you in front of the whole school. Maybe someone who actually experienced this would really want to clear this memory from their mind. Or you had this experience where you got roasted really bad in the classroom, by a classmate which you really, really hated. So honestly, i would like to erase these really bad memories from my mind because as much as you remember these, you will be upset every single time.

But, what if we have a history clearing program, what would happen to human life? To be continued…

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