Run Forrest Run

Forrest Gump by Winston Groom (novel), Eric Roth (screenplay) has to be one of the  most gripping movies I’ve ever seen. The main character Forest Gump is played by Tom Hanks, besides tom hanks the cast of this movie is including many famous actors such as Robin Wright , Mykelti Williamson, Peter Dobson. The movie is set in between the 1950s through the early 1980s.This movie is about the events that happen to a normal person from birth to death, from Vietnam War to Army .

The movie begins with a scene where Forrest tells his life story to the person sitting next to him at the bus stop. He begins with his early childhood talks about the shared house he has lived with his single mom, his physical limitations and below average IQ. Due to his physical limitations Forrest realizes his passion for running while running away from bullies with his one and only friend Jenny Curran. Running opens his way to collage, army and even to Jhon F.Kennedy.

This movie has a special place in my heart since it is the first Tom Hanks movie I have ever seen. After watching Forrest Gump I realized how different our lives could have been if we were born sixty years before and also how everything in our lives are connected like a chain where  everything we go through leads to other thing we will go through in the future.

Forrest Gump by Winston Groom is an engaging movie where you will not know when the time passed. Yes, the story is only about a normal man’s life but the way it is told is the reason why you should watch. If you have spare time that you do not want to waste with social media and such things like that I would hundred percent recommend you watch for the best experience I also recommend you to watch it  with your loved  ones.

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