Summer Holiday

In summer I want to relax myself on the beaches in the South. Wave sounds of the sea are always beautiful. Also the view. At the same time, I think of cultural tours that smell of history. Because I love seeing natural and historical things. Also seeing different cultures are interesting because I get to learn their traditions and cultures.

I can have my ice latte in my hand and lay down on a sunbed. It is very relaxing but touring around Greece, Athens. In Europe, I have so many places that I want to tour, but tour guides are not my cup of tea. I do not like being under control by some guide so I need to be on my own to tour around a historical building. That is why I prefer beaches, there is no pattern I need to follow and I can leave any time.
Actually, there are online 360 tours of cultural areas. I think it is easier but not the same as being in an actual cultural area. Because you need to smell the air, feel the wind and touch the ground. It feels more real and I love it.

It is the point of beaches too, there is no point in a 360 beach view. It is just a waste of time. I think if I want to have fun and relax a beach would be better but when I want to learn and see different things I would prefer cultural tours.

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