The Fine Line Between Good and Bad

Good and bad are opposite concepts that contradict each other and are also most often within each other. It can sometimes be very difficult to separate these two concepts, which are so intertwined, from each other. Where bad ends, good begins, where good ends, bad begins.

Robin Hood is a hero who steals from rich people and distributes it to poor people, and the accuracy of what he does puts us in a big hole in moral philosophy. We can look at this from two different points of view. First, let’s look at it through the eyes of the wealthy people, what Robin Hood did was steal, and no matter under what circumstances he stole money that belonged to someone else, it was wrong. However, when we look at it from the point of view of the poor people, Robin Hood helped people who had no place to live, no money to eat and no chance to live. There’s no way we’re going to look at this as a bad thing either. Therefore, it is impossible to call any event pure good or pure bad, no event can be neither just bad or just good.

Imagine yourself as a parent, your child is very sick and needs medication, maybe even surgery. But you have neither the money nor the strength to cover them. Is it really theft, that you committed in the face of such an incident? If the answer is yes, I would also like to ask this way: Does the theft that a teenager looking for excitement did just for adrenaline really sound the same as the theft that I just mentioned? In fact, as a result of the incident, they are both the same, in the current system. They get the same sanction and the same punishment, so in short, they are both seen as equally bad. This fact upsets me. Because when we do bad things doesn’t mean we’re bad people. No one is perfect and everyone can make a mistake It matters what you did as a result of that mistake; if the same incident happened again, how would you react, how would you behave?

In general, it is not in our hands to be good or bad either. For example, if a little child suddenly jumps in front of a car, what can the driver do at most? In addition to this simple example, it life really works like this. People we never thought about under other circumstances can be different people. For example, would a mother or father who wanted to help his sick child really steal if they had enough money?

For this kind of situations, neither we, nor the state, nor the main person who committed the crime can do anything. If someone comes out of this well, someone else will fall into this, and this is one of the unchangeable facts of life. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is, treat people fairly, understanding and well as best we can. Otherwise, things may get to dimensions that we don’t want.

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