Inserting SD memory card into slot in human head concept for memory upgrage, forgetfulness or computing


There was a very smart girl named Wednesday. Wednesday was returning from school one day when she saw a strange box in the trash. There was a tool inside. The tool looked like a gun. But it wasn’t heavy. There was also an instruction manual in it, but Wednesday didn’t read it. The gun-like device looked very good. It was silver. But it didn’t have a trigger like normal guns. It just had a red button on it. There was something like a tube on the back. Wednesday sat on the pavement and pressed the red button. When she pressed the red button, she saw “Forget the people who mistreated you” on the tube. The next time she pressed it, it wrote “Forget your past”. She pressed it again, and she saw “Forget today”. This device not only had a forgetting feature, it also had a reminder feature. For example, you can remember what you forgot.

When Wednesday got home, her parents hadn’t arrived yet, so she could have fun. On her way to the living room to watch TV, her hand hit her mother’s favourite vase and it fell to the floor. She broke the vase. Wednesday was terrified that her mother would be angry with her. She cleaned up the broken pieces of the vase and threw it away. When her mother came, she went straight to the living room and noticed that her favourite vase was not there. And her mother shouted, “WHERE IS THE VASE, WEDNESDAY?” Wednesday shouted, “How should I know mom, go ask my dad.” Her mother said, “I know you broke it, young lady, I will punish you!” Wednesday went downstairs and made her mother forget the day that vase was taken. Her mother was sitting on the couch, watching TV as usual. Wednesday asked her mother, “Mom, were you mad at me when you walked into the living room?” to find out if the tool really worked. Her mother said, “What’s wrong, why should I be angry with you?” Wednesday sighed happily and then went to her room. And the next days, when she did something bad to someone, she deleted that person’s mind. She did this mostly to her mother. Over time, days turned into months, months into years. Then Wednesday’s mother forgot everyone in her family, then her best friends. Wednesday wondered why this was happening. Then she remembered the manual of the tool. She opened the page named ‘Caution’ in the manual and read: “If you use this tool in 1 person more than 5 times, that person can forget everything. It even makes that person forget their own name.” She didn’t use the tool on anyone more than 5 times. If we don’t count her mother…

Then she immediately clicked on the ‘Remember-everything’ button of the tool’s selection section and reminded everything back to everyone she used that tool. And she explained everything to people whom she used the tool on. She broke the tool and put it back in the box and threw it to garbage. And she lived happily ever after.

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