The Power of Laws

The bombs placed on the plane, the stolen diamonds, the kidnapped children, the ex-lovers murdered… These are JUST a few examples for us to understand how big of a crime is. Although increasing crime rates pose a great threat to people, many people still continue to commit crimes and are unable to serve their sentences because of unenforceable laws.

The crime rates, which have increased at the same rate as technology, have dealt great blows to both the private and social life of people, causing the lives of most people to slip out of their hands. While the murders we see in the news tear us apart, the damage done to the environment of the victim cannot be underestimated, and if such a thing happens, we will lose our social identity. Unfortunately, crimes do not get the punishment they deserve, just like you get jail time for killing a person. That person’s life will never come back, but after a few years of imprisonment, you will be able to go on with your life.

Laws are the set of legal rules that regulate the life of society. This element, which caused people to receive various penalties as a result of not obeying these rules, could not prevent the same crime from being committed more than once due to some inadequacies, although it protected people’s lives. When we look at the society, approximately 52.9% willful injury, 41.5% violation of the immunity of residence, 52.4% sexual harassment and 50.4% murder. The perpetrators are thought to be 85% male and 15% female. The punishment given is a FEW YEARS IMPRISON.

In fact, there are those who think that changing these laws, which seem very ridiculous and unfair, and replacing them with much heavier ones will ensure peace in the world, as well as those who say that it will increase crime rates. These few years’ imprisonments, which was written in the previous laws, is referred to as “life imprisonment” in today’s laws. Aggravating laws not only cause people to be afraid but also make them unable to take this risk.

Let’s take the murder: The murder rates are increasing day by day, some of the criminals do not accept even though we are very sad, the false witnesses, the guilty person is known to be blamed for the innocent yet, the crime is tolerated due to unreliable lawyers and many other reasons. It has been determined that he has committed against his ex-lover or his wife. Regardless, it should be known that the most basic right of a person is the right to life, and it should be acted upon.

In my opinion, the crime is not big or small. Crime is crime. Every crime committed must be evaluated within the scope of severe laws, and the guilty must pay the price of his wrongdoing seriously. Execution, which is among the most severe punishments in the world, has become a nightmare for people and is still practised in a small number of countries. The fear of people due to heavy penalties like this is effective in reducing crime rates. It is quite normal to impose such heavy punishments on those who are needed.

In conclusion, I support the imposition of heavy laws and heavy penalties on the deserving person. I believe that thanks to such events, people will put themselves in order, and I hope that peace will be achieved in the world with the decreasing crime rates. Thus, we can continue our lives more comfortably and feel safe.

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