There Are Siblings Behind Every Successful Student

Does having many siblings have an effect on education?

Suppose there are a lot of positive and negative factors between people who have and those who don’t. Considering the positive effects siblings provide a suitable environment where they can interact with each other’s environment and share feelings of love, respect, and trust. The relationship between siblings begins in the prenatal period and thus the first friendship is actually learned with the sibling. In addition, since there is a sharing between siblings, a child who knows how to cooperate but is far from selfishness is raised. Thus, siblings not only influence each other’s social and cognitive skills, but also maintain a lifelong positive and supportive relationship.

On the other hand, it has some negative effects. Seeing jealousy behaviours among siblings with age difference causes these siblings to complete with each other and thinking that they receive less attention than the other sibling is also one of the reasons for jealousy between siblings.

According to research under the guidance of their teachers, the students made face-to-face semi-structured interviews with 100 students, 25 of whom were single children, 25 of whom were high school students with multiple siblings, and 50 of whom were middle school students, 25 of whom were single and 25 with multiple siblings. Children from multi-sibling households were far more successful, challenging, and good at self-expression, according to the findings. In children from multi-sibling homes, the rate of proper money management and thrift is roughly 79 percent. These kids had a 68 percent success rate in meeting new friends and adapting to their new surroundings. These children, who are more difficult than those who have only one sibling, also perform 64 percent better in group work. Children with a big number of siblings were also found to be more successful in taking risks and expressing themselves in unfamiliar situations than those who grew up as an only child.

As a result, based on the research conducted, we see that having a sibling provides many benefits in growing up, friendship relations and education.

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