There Is Only One Right Answer

All of us are trying to find our purpose in our lives, something to make us happy, something that will make our lives meaningful. This may change for everyone. It could be to travel as much as possible and see every corner of the world for one person, it could be making as many happy and meaningful memories as possible for another, it even could be being very successful at your job for you.  No matter what do you want anyone will think that when you find what you’re supposed to do at life you will be happy and completed. But is what you want will bring you a good end, or are you just simply wrong about what you want?


I will handle the part in our lives about our relationships and our communication with other part in this writing. Humans are social beings. That is why we made up a sequence of sounds, that only we can understand, in order to pass what we think or how we feel to the other people. Hence communication takes a huge part in our daily lives, it is a necessity. And where would you put human communications to on your perfect and meaningful life?

“Everywhere is a desert for anyone who feels lonely.” Says Chekhov. But what does that mean, what does he mean by feeling lonely? Being and feeling lonely is quite different. Feeling lonely is even though you are surrounded by people you may not feel supported by them. And this would sure feel like a desert for anyone. Am I right?

But Einstein does not quite agree with this idea. He thinks that a modest lifetimes ordinariness brings out the creativity in the individual. Which he seems to think creativity and imagination is very important in a lifetime because he says “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination encircles the world.” If we were to interpret an ordinary lifetime as a lonely one, we could say this is an opposite argument of Chekhov’s quote.

We need to decide on one of them right? Because we have to find what will make us happy. That’s not quite right considering each person’s long-lasting purpose is different. Every single person living on this planet is different so we can’t say if they would be happy alone or not. I will show both sides of the scale so that you may decide which idea applies you the most.

On your way to success do you see yourself surrounded by people or alone? You can decide for sure on one but someone else will be sure for the exact opposite idea of yours. I believe feeling lonely may be overwhelming for such social beings like us. It would make you feel homeless in a way. I also believe being alone would bring out a different side of yours. People and relationships may also be pretty overwhelming. Have you ever been alone at home and had the best time in a long time?

Maybe there is not just one thing to make you fulfilled in life. You can always find balance in human relations even you think, out of Chekhov and Einstein, only one of them is right.

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