This System That Knows So Much

         What is peace? The word peace is accepted and used to mean the absence of enmity.
          Let’s talk facts now. Do you think there is really peace between countries today? Every country makes some sacrifices for its own survival. Sometimes some countries have to put some countries in a bad situation in order to survive. I liken this to the workings of nature. one creature eats another to survive. That’s exactly what countries do. Every country will surely fall one day, but the important thing is to be able to stand up again. Wars between countries have been fought until today, and they continue to be fought even today. So what exactly do you think it is for? In order to stay standing. A lot of blood has been spilled. Many people died and many more were born. There are more people alive in the world right now than dead. That’s the problem. Of course, one day the number of people will increase so much that the world will die. The biggest threat in the world right now is humans. Man has always discovered first and then killed. This includes our own kind. How long do you think this will continue?
           If a strong person dies…the rich or the president dies, everyone panics, but if a weak person dies next to the pavement, they pass by without caring. Some guys just want the world to burn. You know, I dreamed of a world without chaos. And it was pretty boring. You know what I noticed? No one panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is terrible. It takes some anarchy. It is necessary to break the established order. And everything turns into chaos. This is a very knowledgable system, have you ever seen how it is outside? everyone is yelling at each other. no one is civilized anymore. no one thinks about what it’s like to be the other guy! Do you think the strong think what the weak are like? they don’t. They think we’ll just sit around and sit quietly like little kids, and one day we’ll be okay! One day, when you come face to face with society that treats the weak like garbage! I’ll tell them what will happen. They will get what they deserve. Chaos and carnage are necessary if we want to live in peace in this world. The resources of this world are limited. and atomic bombs are an example of a complete solution for this situation. A few people must be removed from the face of the earth without suffering, so that people do not suffer from hunger or any kind of suffering afterwards. Don’t you think it’s perfect? so atomic bombs must be developed and become a perfect tool of destruction. Remember, if we don’t destroy other people first, they will destroy us. And I don’t think they are as understanding as we are.
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