Being the inventor of the time machine, although exciting, was also scary. I had taken a huge step for humanity and there was no turning back. On my first try, I closed my eyes and didn’t even want to think. I just set my goal, I had to live that moment. That moment would change my whole life. I was ready now. I touched the buttons and my machine started working. I began to spin, surrounded by a beam of light. I couldn’t wait to experience the moment. And suddenly everything stopped. When I opened my eyes, there was only a huge forest surrounded by greenery. This is where my first journey began. I started walking in the mysterious atmosphere of the forest. I was walking among the chirping of birds and felt peace. It was truly magical to experience this moment. I have never been in such a natural environment before. I continued my journey and arrived at the edge of a river. I sat by the river and started watching the flow of water. At that moment, I felt the pride and happiness of being the inventor of the time machine. I wanted to live this moment forever. But I knew that I had to go to other times and maybe change the fate of humanity. This first trip was an unforgettable experience for me. Now I could travel to the past, the future and even parallel universes. I had taken a big step for humanity and I knew it would be even more exciting from now on. I couldn’t wait to discover a world full of endless possibilities along with the responsibility of being the inventor of the time machine.

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