That moment was the only thing I have been waiting. I got into the time machine and I blacked out. There was so many futuristic devices around. I was curious about them, of course. I was sure that it was future but I wasn’t exactly sure what year was it. I was walking down the street to ask someone, everyone was weird. I kept walking until someone spotted my eye. The person I was staring at looked just like me. I was shocked and walked towards her. “Hello there, I was willing to ask something. Which year are we in?” I asked. However, she was also so shocked to see me. She said ” You are looking at your 18 year old self. It’s the year 2030.”  Afterwards, she gave me some information about the mistakes I made.  She also said that she wanted to take me out on a tour for half a day. I accepted and flew through the city with her. Then, I went back again and destroyed the machine. Because I knew it would be dangerous if someone else had it. It was a lonely day.

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