Unsteady Standarts

The definition of beauty changes each day by different influences from the commercial world or people who become the leaders of fashion. They launch beauty as some priority for being a woman. And those who do not fit these standards will be imposed to change by the enforcement of social media. The biggest challenge facing most females today is the emotional pressure caused by social medias impossible to achieve standards.

How so? One of the survey based articles, Media Today: Unattainable Beauty Standards, stated that out of over 1000 adolescent girls surveyed, 88% of them believed that the media puts a lot of pressure on them to be thinner in order to be accepted as normal. The most dangerous effect of these weight and shape standards is that they trigger health problems such as eating disorders, anorexia and unhealthy diets. Nowadays ‘ideal’ body concept is an exaggerated hourglass shaped body which is genetically extremely hard to have.  

The 2000’s society demonstrates a beautiful person with a thin nose, big lips, long eyelashes, sharp cheekbones… These standards are incredibly high that many women or even teen girls wish to be looking exactly like this even though these conditions include a lot of plastic surgerys. However at 1800’ these standards were completely opposite from this artificial look. Such as; pale, translucent skin, rosy cheeks, crimson lips which look way more natural and effortless. 

 So what women should do in order to be seen as beautiful and what is the exact beauty idea? For me the real beauty for women is how they accept themselves without any pressure. The befits that they look good on themselves. How they see themselves in the mirror and smile at it. The differences that make people their own and worthy personalities makes them beautiful. So they do not need to try to  fit in one specific, also unsteady appearance. Instead of wasting effort for nonsense capitalist system women should love themselves no matter what society says. 

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