Hello, I’m Emir, my dream is to be a football player and if I could switch to another body for a day, it would definitely be Cristiano Ronaldo. If you ask why, I would buy my Bugatti, then I would take a one or two in my huge mansion, then I would come to Turkey from England and take pictures with all my fans. Then if I have a match that day, I would go there with my helicopter and train for the first time, but I would not play as well as Ronaldo, so I would only play as well as I could. After the match, I would celebrate whether we won or not, and I would go to my house, to the pool, then to the jacuzzi, then to my movie room, watch a movie, take care of my wife and children, go to my home football field, train my son. I eat dinner, take another tour with my other cars and sleep.


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