educated parents is equal to good children and successful future
Why educating parents is crucial?

Why educating future parents are crucial?


Why educating future parents are crucial? and “Why parents are important?”

There comes a question to our mind:”What do parents have to do for their children?”The aim of parents is to prepare their children for life. Many philosophers stated that “Life is full with surprises.” That’s true! The reason why it is true is that you might face with challenges, lose a person who is prized for you, have an illness and more. Parents prepare us for this arduous world. All the proposes are to protect their children from these dangerous situations firstly. After conserving these accident or injuries or problems, they work hard in their jobs to give us a wealthy life conditions. They teach us their experiences and bear a hand to save us from making mistakes. One youngster’s vita depends on who leads the correct way and shows the accurate option. You have probably heard this idiom somewhere: “Kids behaviour demonstrate his or her parents’ attitude.” This idiom makes my statement clear. Parents are the base of the child’s education. Their role is more vital because not tending could cause psychological and physiological aptitude

technology internet ile ilgili görsel sonucu

21st century’s generation needs more relevance compared to the old lineage. The technology involves more liability on parents. They ought to check and control the children and teenagers habits. Today’s internet is wild, enormous, endless, dangerous and didactic, harmful and beneficial, time –consuming… Technology is full of contrasts. These really stor harms for children and parents must be nurtured. Some parents are aware of this problem and they have some precaution for their kids but most of the parents in the world isn’t aware of the harms of internet. Parents should be aware of dangers so parents must be educated to protect their children.

Let’s go to a little bit past, approximately fifty years. Parent’s job was not as hard as now. Pursuing the kids wasn’t a hard deal. There weren’t any business called as baby sitting. In those days, the most extreme thing that they could do was hanging out with their friends in parks or in their houses. There were nothing they could do extremely dangerous in front of their parents. I add up in computers you can touch a button and the thing the child was looking at, disappears.

As I mentioned above, internet is a wild platform which causes a lot of problems. I want to commence with the most common issue that every child faces: losing their ability to communicate face to face. Losing the ability to communicate means that this generation is asocial. Since internet is “time-consuming,” kid’s school performance is affected and it diminishes. Making their children a successful student is one of the objectives of parents’ as well so controlling and checking them, which have become harder. There are dangerous people and harmful websites. Protecting the child from them is difficult. Parents have to teach how to talk, what to say, how to behave, and the attitude they must do in public, what to wear which cloths in which season, How to use the tools, how to tidy their shoes, how to ride a bicycle. Unfortunately the future parents are not conscious about what they should do. That’s why, future parents must be trained.

            Till adulthood, we live with our families. The knowledge and experience we learned from our parents until adult age, which is eighteen, helps us in our lives. Our experience and knowledge affect our behaviours. It influences the way we act in public.

            Consequently, children affect the whole welfare, development and tranquillity of a country (the world as well). People who educate the kids mostly are the parents because parents are spending (on average) twenty years with them. That’s a long period of time. Kids learn a lot from their parents. They behave as their parents treat them. Parents are very important for kids and kids are very important for the future because they will be the future parents. To have an understanding, polite, patient, and successful and moral generation, we need to educate the parents. Children are the future. Children must be nurtured as well as their trainer. Therefore,“The parents must be educated or aware of the obligations they must do or know what is harmful and how to protect their kids.”

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