With Or Without Money?

“When you have money in hand only you forget who you are. But when you do not any money in your hand, whole world forget who you are. It’s life…” Bill Gates

Money is something evera car in a road ile ilgili görsel sonucuybody wants for different reasons. Money is like a car and our goals is the place we want to go with the car. We choose the way and we use our car to go the place we have chosen. Your purpose shouldn’t be to have a car. Your vehicle is the car. We have the car not to stay where we are. Also using the car for going random and unnecessary places isn’t different than not using it. Going random places for just enjoy will make us out of the way and we can be lost.

To make yomoney opportunities ile ilgili görsel sonucuur dreams come true, to make changes, to make the world better place and to be realized in the world money is needed. Not only having your ideas also should have money too. Money is hard to use and hard to use for good. Not having a single coin money Even though  you have very strong arguments and ideas which can improve the technology but haven’t got any money  wouldn’t make you permanent, maybe not even famous. So you shouldn’t waste your money and your idea. Ideas and money is hard to get together.



money with ideas ile ilgili görsel sonucuMoney is the gate through the civilized world which is the centre of most of the thing right now .With money joy of materially gaining can be reached of this world . However opening new gates can make you lose yourself in those non-abstract beauties. I meant, losing your self in the non-abstract beauties could make you out of you goal. Finding yourself in powerful status very quickly as like magic and feel yourself in an endless powerful strength is one of the covetous of money. Loosing yourself is finding yourself wasting your money in buying stupid and unnecessary things because of your covetousness most of the time.

money realise ideas ile ilgili görsel sonucu

What does forgetting yourself mean? Forgetting yourself also can be said as losing yourself mean your habits or your personality or your attitude change. This is a negative thing for you. This affects you in negative way.

This century money is the most valuable thing in the world like silk what it was very valuable for nineteen century. Its purpose was just a currency to trade anyhow now it means more than currency. Having money gives us more facilities in our lives in many ways. Rather than facilities money covenant rise and power. With power you words get meanings for people and authorities. Money becomes something which can mean a lot more other things that is valuable a lot for a person who is living in a society.

İlgili resimOnly If you know how to use money, it can give one’s world respect and authority and moreover. Money is in the centre of the material things and statues. Not lose yourself in its wild opportunities. It can cause beginning also end. Rather than losing yourself, find yourself and make you visible to whole world.


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