10 Things To Do

It was nearly prom time and I was not able to pick an outfit yet. Well it was important for me I could not pick an outfit that won’t make me feel fabulous. Since that day I was not able to make up my mind. That dark room covered in black with…

My alarm was ringing for a while I assume. Someone knocked on my door and said it was time to wake up. I knew it was Sarah from her smooth voice which sounded a lot like a lullaby to me. She took care of me since I opened my eyes to this busy but perfect kinda life. Basically my life was planned even before they knew I was there in my mom’s belly. I am still not sure how but yeah they planned my life and not bothered asking what I wanted. I would be less offended if they at least asked how I was but no they do not ask it.

James- my fiancé- was smiling from his red sport car’s window with a cup of coffe on his hand as usual. He has known me since the day I was born so he knew what I needed. Still we were just kids to be getting ready for marriage. In school we were known as the perfect couple who has an amazing relationship between. Nope, we had huge fights most of the time but since we are one of those elite people that has to stand by the rules ,we never showed our real feelings in public. My best friend Maya is the only person who knows each and every thing we do. Although it is kinda creepy sometimes, we got used to it over time tough.

Well one day I had a call from the police that reported James was found death. I thought it was a joke until they came to my house and told me I should come to talk to them about us. I was shocked at first then I realized I was being suspended for his death. I did not like him ,but killing him… I am not that kind of a person. At least to him , I would never hurt him. They took me to the area where they found him. It was like a crime scene from a movie I watched. The room was black with James in the middle covered in blood. I sat down and cried for a while. Then I was being judged by killing him. They asked me weird questions like if I ever hurt him before.

Looking in the mirror and seeing my long white dress made me wanna think what I would look like in my wedding with him. Not that it would become true anymore but just to imagine. I stopped myself from crying and went back into the ball room. Everyone was having fun while dancing with their partners. Then there was James in the corner looking at me like I killed him.The last thing I remember is me shouting that I had nothing to do with his death ,and there everyone was looking at  me in silence.

They tried many medications and stuff but they never really worked. I saw him whereever I went. I faked being okay so that they wouldn’t bother me anymore, like they used to do before.Silence was what I needed. The murderer had sent me some letters that had life threads written in them. I really did not care but I still had guards protecting me. Maya has been with me from the beginning to end. She never left me alone even for one second since I tried to kill myself a couple of times.

He was dead in real life but he was alive in my memories. I got back to my normal routine after they caught the murderer who was from our school. Not only that but I learned that dark room I spent days crying and blaming myself was the house he bought for me for our anniversary. Kind of a sad ending for us to have but it was a new start for me.

I found a list he made that had 10 things he wanted us to do so I went ahead and started to do them with the happiness that knowing he would love us doing them.

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