2 Anomalies For 24 Hours(Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 – The Meeting

Girl 2: Alright, that’s enough chit-chat. I have work to do.
Girl 1: What work could you possibly have? You were sitting on the couch so calmly just a few minutes ago and now you have work to do?
Girl 2: Yes, I’m a punctual person.
Girl 1: Or you’re just trying to make it look like that.
Girl 2: I can show you my weekly program.
Girl 1: No need, I have work to do as well anyway.
Girl 2: Now that’s surprising.

Ever since Moi had seen these two, he was trying to cherry-pick their names from their conversations but he was starting to get impatient. He kept on listening.

Girl 1: What do you mean by that?
Girl 2: You’re the laziest person I know, so, like I said; It’s surprising.
Girl 1: Now you’re being unfair.
Girl 2: How so?
Girl 1: You’re calling me lazy then acting like you’re any better.
Girl 2: (…)
Girl 1: The only thing you do is sit for a while then tell me that you have work to do. Do you really?
Girl 2: Mia, pay attention to what you’re saying.
Girl 1: Why should I? You’re doing the same thing like me, Mari.

So their names are Mari and Mia, easy to remember, Moi thought. He started feeling the tension in the atmosphere, afraid that things would get worse, he got in between those two and pulled their spirits out and switch their bodies.

Mia: Be careful who you’re­– Huh? Why do I–? Why do I–?

Mari in Mia’s body got so confused that she started repeating the same thing like a broken recording.

Mari: Why do you sound like me? Wait, why do I sound like you? Huh–?
Mia: Yes! Thanks for completing my sentence.
Mari: How are you still acting calm as ever?! What happened to us? Why the person I’m seeing is me? And what’s that thing hiding in those shadows?!
Mia: Can’t help it, It’s in my nature. And what do you mean by something hiding in shadows?
Mari: Can’t you see it?! Look!
Mia: I see it too. So that’s what we saw previously?!
Mari: Hey! Who are you?

Moi felt cornered, finally responding.

Moi: I’m… A ghost.
Mari: That’s obvious! Mari, say something?!
Mia: Why… are you in our house? Why are we able to see you now but not before? What did you do to us?
Moi: Haha… Well, one at a time. I can’t answer all at once.

Mari gave an angry but funny expression, it was clear that she hadn’t gotten used to the body she’s in.

Mia: Well…
Mia: Fine– Let’s start with ‘What did you do to us?’

Moi had a clear answer.

Moi: I switched your bodies by pulling your spirits out of you.
Mari: What?! Why would you do that?! Is that even– allowed? You know what I mean!
Moi: You two were about to argue, so, I only had this option to distract you two. It worked though, didn’t it?
Mari: Well– Uh– It did. However, we’re not arguing anymore so switch us back! I don’t like this!

Mari got hurt by the sentence ‘I don’t like this!’ as if she was enjoying this.

Mia, quite hurt: Like she said. Can’t you switch us back?
Moi: I can’t, at least not until your spirits become stable again.
Mari: What do you mean?
Moi: Since I forcefully pulled both of your spirits out of your bodies, I kind of gave them the feeling of ‘freeing’ them and that almost caused them to escape. Which means you’ll have to stay like this for a while.
Mia: How long will that take?
Moi: Around 24 hours.
Mari: A day?! You got to be joking.
Mia: If it can’t be helped, we’ll deal with it. I can stand your life for a day, can you stand mine?
Mari: Are you joking? Of course!

Chapter – 2 End.

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