AC vs DC

Who is a better scientist Nikola Tesla or Thomas Alva Edison? I prefer Nikola Tesla. Edison was a businessman and nummamorous but Tesla was a true scientist and a visionary. And with his inventions and ideas, the current world is developed. There is a story between Tesla and Edison. After the reading, your thought will be the same as my thoughts.


Tesla was a solo inventor in Serbia. He used to work about the Alternative Current in Hungary. Then in 1884 Tesla moved to the United States for working. During the trip, Tesla’s bag was stolen, and a revolt was started on the ship that he boarded. When he arrives in the USA he used to have only 4 cents in his pocket. Then he dealt with Edison and he started to work at Edison Machine Works. Edison was the founder of this company. And Edison’s idea was generalizing the Direct Current. But Direct Current was expensive and there used to be lots of energy-consuming. However, Edison didn’t care about this situation and he didn’t change his mind. But the Alternative Current can reach long distances and it is more affordable than the Direct Current. Tesla was a standard scientist in this company. But Edison noticed his brain. And Edison said if you develop my dynamo I would give you 50.000. Tesla accepts this offer. And he worked about this dynamo. He succeeded but Edison lied to Tesla. After this lie, Edison said it was a joke. Tesla resigned. He become a poor guy but he didn’t give up to make some invention. Oppositely after this situation, Edison becomes rich.


After the reading what are your thoughts about this situation? In fact, Edison used to be a crafty and clever businessman but not a scientist. But Nikola Tesla used to be a great inventor and scientist.

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