The year is 2050. I became the founder of ******* Sanayi. I put my office items at home in my car and set off to my new office. On the way, I thought to myself, “Wow, I’ve come this far. But how?” I thought, and my first job interview came to mind. The year is 2036, I had a job interview at ******* Industry. The building was huge and had a lot of stairs, so it took me a long time to find the meeting room. After using nearly all the stairs, I found the room. There were too many managers waiting for me inside. I don’t remember exactly but I think it was 7 people. Later, a manager said to me, “You’re late, Mr. Berkan.” said. So, I shyly said, “Sorry, I had trouble finding the meeting room.” said. “Shall we begin now?” said another manager. “Of course. Let’s get started right away.” I said, and the dialogue between us went like this;





Manager A: Your name?

Me: Berkan İncegül. I’m 27 years old.

Manager B: According to the information you gave us, you had a very good education life.

I thank you.

Manager C: Can you tell us why you want to work with us?

Me: Because I’m one of those people who knows very well what to do. I help most people and I have ideas to increase your monthly earnings.

Manager D: Then let’s see your ideas.

Me: Right away sir.

After about 1 hour, my presentations were over, and I showed all of my ideas. Managers E and F were always getting grades. Later, 7 managers discussed at once, reviewed their notes, and Manager G said, “Welcome, Mr. Berkan, you can start work tomorrow.” I was so excited when he said it. “Thank you so much. I will increase the earnings as soon as possible.

After 3 months, earnings have increased 7 times. I got a lot of promotions and I’ve come this far.

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