The Blind Side Review

Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel loved and made you feel like the world is a better and equal place? Then this film must be on the top of your must-seen list and you will find yourself in it while watching. The Blind Side which is a biographical sports drama and based on real life was directed by Lee Hancock in 2009.

This film features a tragic and emotional story of Michael who had unfortunate memories all along his life until the day he met the Tuohy Family. After, Michael who is a homeless teenager is adopted by Leigh Anne, he faces his problems about learning issues. With the help of Leigh Anne, he becomes a successful American football player. He deals with all the difficulties with his new family and his new supportive little brother.

I can say that the cast was perfectly chosen that the way they acted made me feel like I was in the movie. Their acting was superb and convincing. Costumes and hairstyles were made perfectly that they were nearly the same as the real ones. The camera angles were perfect that at some points you feel like you are in that moment with them. You cannot find one accurate message, because almost in every scene there was a message. After watching this movie my perspectives changed a lot. If you want to have a different point of view about people and life that you are living, I highly recommend this masterpiece for you.

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