The Future Of The Humanity

The idea of securing the future of humanity by establishing new residential areas in different galaxies has been occupying minds for centuries. Some people believe that the humanities future depends on moving to another planets or galaxies. Other people believe that the future of humanity depends on saving the Earth. Well, do you think humanity should focus on the recent problems of earth instead of investing on thousand years later from now?

First of all let’s investigate the idea of focusing to the recent problems of Earth and saving it. Many people believe that we cannot repair the Earth right now because we polluted it too much. However, the Earth is savable. Let me explain how we can repair the Earth. If every human dies right now, Earth will repair itself. So Earth has an ability to repair itself when there is no pollution because every human died. So we just need to reduce the pollution that we make and the Earth will repair itself slowly. For reducing the pollution, everyone needs to understand the idea that we must not pollute the environment so that the Earth can repair itself.

But how much time will we buy? By saving the Earth, we cannot buy much time because right now 8 billion people live on Earth and every human pollutes the Earth somehow so the pollution rate cannot be as less as we want. Maybe we can buy like 500 years but as you can see it is not a permanent solution for the future of the humanity.

So let’s investigate the idea of investing on thousand years later from now and moving to other planets or galaxies. Well, this could be a permanent solution if we learn our lesson before moving to another planets; which is if we do not care our planet, we will destroy it again. So we cannot just put 8 billion people to 1 planet. We need to find several planets and divide 8 billion people to these planets equally. Also, we will need to control the population because if we do not, we will need to find other planets again.

In short, I believe that the humanity should invest on thousand years later from now and the future of the humanity depends on moving to another planets or galaxies. But there are some rules that we need to follow in order to make the solution permanent. If we follow them, this means that we have made a really strong investment.

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