Time Capsule Letter

Dear Child,

First of all, I don’t know what the world gonna look like when you are at my age but I hope you are now in a society where people do not judge each other and everyone accepts each other as they are. I have learned a lot about life so far, but when I think about what I have not learned, I realize that what I have learned during these fifteen years is as little and insufficient as the tiny sands in an hourglass. Don’t forget that there is a small grain of sand and in all that sand, everyone has different lifestyles and thoughts. Because, just as each person’s face is different from each other, their soul feelings, knowledge and abilities are also different.

Of course, you will be in social relations such as friendship. Some of these will disappoint you, while others will be relationships that will make you happy for the rest of your life. It’s hard to understand people, you’ll see. But at least try to be a person with a clear and simple personality like water. It will definitely help you in your relationships. Especially remember, not everyone with an appellation at the beginning of their name deserves respect. So your respect should be to the person himself, not to the appellation. The deeds of the person who took that appellation sometimes seem so illogical that in any case, your respect for him is also gone.

Life for me is a race. People drown in their greed to get what they want, some get what they want and some disappear. Where I live now people’s smiles have faded, everyone is in a hurry and life is really hard. Despite this, we continue to survive and still run in the race. I hope our living conditions improve in the future. I hope you don’t have to live in these conditions. Anything can happen in fifteen years. A competitor who stumbles can give his turn to a strong teammate, or he can’t admit that he stumbled and can make his team lose the race.

In conclusion, ı want to say is, life is for exploring, do not stick to a particular matter, explore the world, explore the people, explore the nature, and you will become wiser as you proceed in exploring. Every day will be a new challenge, do not scare or do not try to escape, that will show you that what you live for.

Your parent

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